After 7 years of practicing yoga and crossing a major birthday  milestone along the way, I realized that I could use a some help with my practice. I had no aspiration of becoming a yoga teacher or mastering my universe, I simply wanted to touch my toes or stand on one foot without tipping over. I tried yoga straps, fitness tape, grip gloves, no skid socks and all of the "tools and gadgets" left me sore and wobbling.

One day during a class, my instructor saw me grabbing at the air when trying to catch my back ankle while balancing (the double whammy), she suggested that I reach for my pant leg instead of the foot to get a few extra inches. AHHA! It was then that I thought, "why does my pant leg have to work so hard? Why isn't there something that I could wrap around my ankle and use throughout my workout?" I began the quest.  Much to my dismay, there was nothing. So I took an extra yoga strap, cut it down to size and added a loop and some velcro---TAHDAH, The Stretch Strap was born.

I was on a roll. Feeling the high of my Tesla moment, I took on the task of finding a solution to my balancing problem. Sure, I had the grip gloves and no skid socks, but both slipped and moved when I applied friction. So I said "self?" "why is there not something that can stick directly to my skin like sports tape?" TAHDAH, TAHDAH, Balance Tape! In my scrappy style, I purchased a roll of leading sports tape and glued on a gripping surface. It worked. I was able to apply this masterpiece to my hands, my feet, my inside forearms exactly where I needed them most for my downward dogs, tree and sphinx poses. I then thought about all of the other uses for this invention and said, "I must share this with the world!" 

Introducing YogAssists. A website  dedicated to helping individuals with products and hacks to conquer life's small challenges. I knew that flexibility and balance were major issues for most people, especially while aging, so after many years of mentally inventing things and solving other people's problems, I took finger to key and created my own site that will be filled with products that solve everyday needs. YOGA INSPIRED, AGED ENDORSED.

Namaste, Lucille 


Lucille DeHart is a life-long marketing executive having worked for such prestigious brands as Ralph Lauren, TUMI, Maidenform, Bed Bath & Beyond and Liz Claiborne (she just dated herself with  that one). She has spent her career studying consumer behavior, building brands and optimizing businesses.