Pop-up props on the fly and other helpful free yoga and stretching practice tips.

DON'T HAVE A STRAP--buy ours, and while you wait for your delivery, try a bathrobe belt, hand towel or pant belt.

CAN'T GET TO THE SPA? who can? Wet a wash cloth and drop some scented oil on it while you meditate...or just zone out...or pretend you are not listening.

DON'T HAVE SCENTED OIL? my, you are needy...try cutting a lemon or cucumber and squeeze some juice instead.

BORROWING A BOLSTER FROM THE STUDIO--yuck, germs. Bring two standard pillow cases and put one on each end for a perfect quick cover. 

KNEES HURT DURING PRACTICE? instructors will tell you to fold your mat over, but who can be bothered; instead, cut up an old yoga mat into 10" sections and keep them with your gear. You can layer up the cushion as needed for your cat and cows and what not.

FEET HURT? sit down. Jeeze, we don't have all the answers to everything, but we will keep trying. Stop by again for more hints, hacks and tips.